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Last week I tried to fry up some ripe plantain (cooking bananas) . I used to do it all the time in Hawaii.  But it as been so many years I kind of forgot how.  I floured them up with gluten free flour.  First mistake; and had the heat a little hot – 2nd mistake.  Well a good cook knows how to remedy these things.  I cut off the burnt part and sprinkled on powdered sugar.  They came out pretty yummy after all.  So slice then in half long wise and then crosswise.  Then cook it really low (maybe 3) with no flour and a lot of coconut oil.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar.  As a side note I have a new Paleo recipe book that I love.  They use green plantains in a lot of their recipes.  So let me tell you about plantains, Peurto Rican  cooking and my first experience at peeling green bananas.  You just may be amused.  I need to grow me some cooking bananas (plantain).  After all they are Paleo!!  (well not with the powdered sugar Hee Hee!)  Here is an excellent article on growing bananas:

I also did a little project with my grandson.  We made our own kettle chips and this is how we did it and what I learned.  We sliced the potatoes on my mandolin slicer.  And we also did sweet potatoes.  I have tried them before and they are extremely hard to slice.  So a while back I put one in the freezer thinking it would break down the tissue and make it easier to cut.  It worked.  As a side note, next time I will slice it before it totally thaws.   It actually got a little too soft.  But it did slice up fine.  The next thing I learned is they cook much better at a lower temp.  We dusted some with my” Magic Dust”  recipe (a bar b que rub) .  Those were really good.

Our grass got really thick and tall as the riding mower has been out of  commission. So my other half finally got new tires on it and mowed the grass.  I have been walking through that thick stuff with just slippers on.  He ran over a baby timber rattler.  (highly venomous – enough to kill this old woman anyway) .  My angels must be watching over me because I do that daily!

Sabrina asked about the groundnuts.  I am a little ashamed to say the hogs ate the ones in the field and the chickens ate the ones in the yard.  They did come up though.  Oh well try again next year.  They are a native species after all.

I talk a little about our sheep and dealing with foot rot.  Here is an article about it.  We used the copper sulfate, an antibacterial spray and clorox water foot soaks, and a whole lot of foot trimming.  All the dead tissue must be cut off.  The clorox foot soaks and hoof trimming seem to work the best.

I also go into a discussion about planning your permaculture with zones.

And , I am starting a new hobby – winemaking.  We should have lots of fun with this one.

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