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5 Plants for Your Homestead YCH#53

  Osage Orange Cornelian Cherry Japanese heartnut Virginia Cherry Shrub Virginia cherry is a very nice adaptable native cherry that grows to 10 feet tall, but is usually shorter and bushy. It produces red edible cherries in summer that are edible and best when dead ripe. They are best described as […]

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Plants for Edible Water Gardens, Spring Fever, Jiaogulan, Beansprouts YCH# 52

Edible Water Gardens Can Be: Natural Ponds Artificial Ponds Aquaponics Systems Natural ponds have the advantage that you could grow colonies op plants.  Be careful not to introduce non native, invasive species into ponds that can spread to greater waterways. Artificial ponds can be anything from a container that holds a few plants in water, […]

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Edible Water Gardens, Seed Balls, Blueberries, Motherwort, Getting Ready For Spring YCH # 51

What To Do With All Those Old Seeds – Seed Balls: A seed ball is also called “earth ball”.  It is a variety of seeds rolled into a ball with clay.  Also humus or compost may be added as microbial inoculants.  Cotton-fibres or liquefied paper may be added to strengthen the outside  to protect the clay […]

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Aqauponics, Resistant Starches, Chlorella, Cod Liver Oil YCH # 50

Time Stamp For Podcast: I have decided to try and add a time stamp for the podcast.  it is a little more work, but I believe this will benefit people in being able to quickly find info they are interested in.  Let me know if this is worthwhile to you. 00-28.30 Aqauponics by Gale  Basic […]

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Aquaponic Gardening With Sylvia Bernstein YCH #49

I feel so honored that Sylvia agreed to come on and chat about aquaponics.  Sylvia is a wonderful teacher and loves aquaponics.  She even gave up a dream job to pursue her love for this.  I am linking below to her website, aquaponic community, Facebook page, book, and You Tube Channel.  If you’re not so […]

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Cat's Claw
Uncaria Tomentosa

Walipini, Organizing, Edible Indoor Plants, Soapmaking YCH#48

Gale’s Show Notes and Links:–bacon-costs-rise-as-piglets-pay-the-price Walipini 3 kind of organizers:  Perfectionist, Functionalist, Creative Could edible plant be used as decorative.  Crazy idea for curtains from plants. How is it going feeding dogs real food.  What works for me. Dog Slaw, sweet potato, green beans, eggs, meat in the crock pot, coconut oil. […]

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10 Plants YOU CAN Grow IndoorsYCH #47

What can you grow indoors for food, spice or medicine. Most any herb Peppers -turn into little trees Curry Leaf Tree Kaffir Lime Sprouts Nine Vegetables Fruits Grasses for fodder and juicing Salad greens Tomatoes  / Plant of the Week  Elaeagnus x ebbingei – A Plant for all Reasons ReNeGaDe PiG!  and moving animals from […]

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8 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fodder, Herbs for Cold & Flu YCH#46

Reasons To Grow Fodder  For Your Animals or Sprouts for You: Growing fodder uses less water Less water is needed as compared to growing it in the ground. Water can be recirculated through the system Water can be saved and used to water plants. Feed cost is reduced. A 50 pound sack of feed can make […]

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Hericium americanum

Mushrooms-morel, lion’s mane, turkey tail #45

Things I forgot to talk about last week: Morel and shaggy mane mushrooms. New app for mushroom identification: There is a free version.  I really like having this app on my kindle. I got motivated again to start and try to identify mushrooms.  I read something that really helped me.  It said to try […]

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